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April 12, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 04/12/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Is fracturing next?

What is next at Brown Bridge Quiet Area, hydraulic fracturing?

Mayor Estes put his toe in the polluted water to remove monies from the Brown Bridge Quiet Area Trust Fund. The current value of the trust fund is $13.1 million.

The trust fund is only a referendum away from having funds skimmed off for city projects.

The Brown Bridge Quiet Area already has proposed millions of dollars in needed restoration. There are questions of about water quality, too.

What goes on in this county already? They engage in substandard practices in their projects, cause disasters, avoid liability and then seek to skim funds from a trust fund. What happened to the $2.2 million grant received from the Riverkeepers to remove sediment from Brown Bridge?

The interest earned will be less if monies are skimmed. The interest is already received by the city’s general fund.

If the Brown Bridge Trust Fund is allowed to have a cap placed on its value, will the next move by Mayor Estes be to institute hydraulic fracturing to increase the royalties skimmed from the fund for the five years? That is a violation of the public trust, let alone the trust fund.

Elisa Barrett

Suttons Bay

Is compassion lost?

Is compassion lost in Traverse City? This happened to my wife on a recent Saturday. While swallowing a prescribed pill at the drinking fountain in Walmart, it became lodged in her windpipe. She could not get a breath. After several minutes of gasping for air it finally moved enough so she could get a small amount of air to cough and finally swallow it.

There were many onlookers, including Walmart employees, yet no one came to her aid or even inquired if she would be all right. I have heard of large cities like Chicago or New York having no compassion but not in the town of Traverse City or are people too afraid to be concerned?

Dennis Collins