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March 28, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 03/28/2014

We’d be better off

The best way to attract business and thus create jobs is for the government to stay out of the way and allow small businesses to grow. History is quite clear; creating an environment where the red tape is less, where taxes are low for all businesses unleashes the maximum productivity and contributes much more to the working class.

The Michigan Economic Development Crop. has a very poor record of giving the farm away, often to losers and very few winners. We are then left wondering whose palms got greased, what campaign donations and promises were made.

Besides, since when is it the government’s job to pick the winners and the losers? The consumer should make that choice.

We have done a very good job bouncing back in Michigan and if we could eliminate the MEDC and stay focused on a fair and level playing field for all of our entrepreneurs, we would be far better off.

Cory Dean


Keep road workers busy

I was very disappointed to hear the Grand Traverse County Road Commission is laying off 17 members of the road crew that has been doing such a fantastic job on our roads during the worst winter I have experienced in Traverse City. I live in the Spider Lake area (which I consider the mountains) and our roads were kept so clean I never feared going out.

Instead of laying off workers I’m sure there are more than enough potholes to keep all of the employees busy. Resurfacing and repairing our streets is why I voted for the budget increase for the Road Commission (twice). I definitely did not expect to see the workforce cut. This is the area that needs more attention in my opinion.

Could this be just another chance to slap down union members? With the new money, will they be recalled and put to work?

Judy Owen

Traverse City

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