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September 15, 2013

Forum: In sadness, we turn to other emotions


Autistic people are all different, but to one degree or another they struggle with things we can barely relate to - unfiltered perception, huge gaps between thought and language and understanding; intelligence excruciatingly blocked from full expression.

They are pushed beyond their limits every day by things we have long since learned to tune out or take for granted.

There is less adrenalin in our household now. But there is no less concern.

My son is a completely guileless human being. Where, in this world, will he live when we are no longer able to care for him? Where will the bright gift that he is to this place, be nourished and cared for and allowed expression?

Where will any of these children live when they are grown? And why is there nowhere they can go, even just one or two days a week, and be safe and cared for while their parents have a rest.

About the author: Christopher Morey is a husband and the father of two children. He lives with his wife and son in the Traverse City area.

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