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March 31, 2013

Forum: Every Day is Earth Day With NMEAC

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An activist once said, “If you want something, you better make some noise.” 
NMEAC, the Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council, has been “making noise” for over 33 years. 
We are an all-volunteer group of people passionate about the importance of the natural world, and determined to do something about protecting it. Included in our mission statement are the words “dedicated to education and action.” 
Over the years we have sponsored speakers and events and worked with others to bring attention to the importance of our entire ecosystem and our part in its protection, preservation, and restoration. We have been partnering with others in the Grand Vision planning effort since it began. 
Our focus recently has been with the Natural Resources, Transportation, and Energy sub-groups. We are also committed to taking legal action against those who violate environmental laws and desecrate nature, and we have started a Legacy Fund to help with that.
The importance of a healthy ecosystem cannot be stressed enough. Water is vital for all life, and healthy soils provide our food. Forests offer a myriad of benefits, including the all-important sequestration of CO2. 
NMEAC has been dedicated to building public awareness of environmental issues and to demanding the attention of lawmakers. 
We in northern Michigan depend on the natural world for our very existence. Our incredible resources are our life line. Without our forests and waters we would be just another “anyplace USA.”
For 25 years NMEAC has held an Environmentalist of the Year celebration to recognize the many groups and individuals who have contributed to this region’s ecological preservation. Over the years we have recognized individuals who have worked diligently to stem pollution in our water and air, investigated and reported on environmental issues, run eco-conscious businesses, and provided leadership in working for proactive, protective legislation. 

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