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August 23, 2012

Rebecca Lindamood: Foods transition with seasons

As we near the end of the dog days of summer and cooler nights set in, we Michiganders know it ain't over yet. There will be at least one, maybe two, perhaps more screamingly hot days. The days where we try to think back to our halcyon youth to remember whether or not it was ever this hot or humid this late in the year. And the mosquitoes will take advantage of it; vengefully.

Thankfully, our gardens will keep pumping out the great produce so that we can have some benefit to a sticky day on the bay in September. Yes. September is right around the corner.

My word, that means football season looms. This is the changeover time. This is swimsuits and flip-flops and grills and sweaters and tchuks and tailgating. Oh, the tailgating.

Remember, we are just a few weeks from steam exiting our mouths when we speak, and not from anger. It's about to be vibrantly colorful every which way we look. Transition. This is the reason I love Michigan so very much. I love the deep green pines standing at attention among the technicolor deciduous trees having their last hurrah before the long, cold winter sets in for a stay.

Whether you opt to tailgate at the big game itself, or in your yard and then in front of your television, this is where fall comfort food makes its triumphant reappearance. Summer puts on a scarf and rubs its hands together and concedes to the wonder that is sustaining and warming vittles.

Does it get any better than this? I don't think so.

Take advantage of the last days of glorious summer produce with a light but substantial Greek salsa.

Greek Salsa

This light, fresh, but substantial salsa borrows from classic Greek salsa: feta cheese, cucumbers, roasted red peppers, kalamata olives and lemon make it sing. Serve it along with grilled meats or pita chips.

It transitions happily from summer to fall tailgating season.


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