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July 4, 2013

Foodie with Family: Either-Or food game offers plenty of options

I play a game on the Foodie with Family Facebook fan page called "Either-Or," in which I present a set of ingredients, circumstances, or dishes and ask folks to name their preferences.

This is a game where I give myself the illusion of power. How so? Because my children either-or me to death every day of the week on dinner preferences. I offer to make pizza for dinner, which should be an instant winner that earns me hugs and praises. Don’t get me wrong, I get those, but first I get, “Can we have it absolutely covered in anchovies?” “I don’t WIKE anchovies, can I have it covered in pepperoni?” “How about one without sauce? I’m not up for sauce this week.” “Anything but onions, please. And no olives!” “Oh! That reminds me, can I have it covered in anchovies, olives, onions and no pepperoni?”


Either-Or lets me pose the question. The rules are simple. I ask whether you like option “A” or option “B” better. Sometimes, I include an option “C”, “D” or “E”. It’s my game; I’m flexible. So I want to ask all of you the Either-Or question that was — by far — the most popular on Facebook and that, surprisingly, delivered the most heated responses: “Do you prefer either root beer floats or chocolate milkshakes?”

Honest to Pete, you’d think I had asked something far more scintillating, given the nearly 90 responses — some quite passionate — I received. But I guess when it comes down to it, we’re all pretty loyal to our iced desserts.

So today, in honor of Independence Day and all that July Fourth means to us, I’m going to declare both root beer floats and chocolate (malted) milkshakes to be the winner. And since man can’t live by ice cream beverages alone, I’m also including the blank canvas pizza that my family loves that either can be topped by anchovies, onions, black olives, pepperoni, and sauce, or with none of these, OR with (here’s option “C”) some combination thereof. How’s that for Independence?

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