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May 13, 2008

Foodie With Family: Homemade chips and dip


I had gone one question too far. I decided to try to salvage the lesson by wrapping it up and said, "The best way to impress your friends is by being honest and kind."

--¦ And by doing cool tricks," added Aidan.

OK, yes.

If you want to impress someone but are low on cool tricks I recommend these homemade chips and dip. They are not only delicious but they're simple to make and they're good for you, too. I tested these out on a large gathering of 20 or so families and came home with empty bowls.

You can play with the flavors on the pita chips. For a little variety you could also sprinkle them with Italian seasonings and grated Pecorino Romano cheese to serve with white bean dip or Italian wedding soup. Alternately, you could toss on a little cumin and chili powder on them to serve with black or pinto bean dip or chili.

Baked Garlicky Pita Chips

8-6-inch pita breads, whole wheat or white

2 garlic cloves, finely chopped or pressed

1/4 c. extra virgin olive oil

1 t. medium flake sea salt or kosher salt

1/2 t. fresh ground black pepper

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper or simply leave the sheets ungreased and set aside.

Split the pita breads so you have 16 rounds. Combine garlic and olive oil and brush the split side of each pita round. Sprinkle evenly with the salt and black pepper. Cut each round into 4 wedges and arrange in a single layer on baking sheets.

Bake 5 to 8 minutes or until they reach your desired crispness. Serve with hummus, yogurt dill dip, bean dip, salsa or whatever makes you happy!

Yogurt Dill Dip

11/2 c. plain yogurt

1/2 c. mayonnaise

21/2 t. dried dill weed

21/2 t. dried parsley flakes

21/2 t. dried onion flakes

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