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May 13, 2008

Foodie With Family: Homemade chips and dip

Last week our weather went from warm and beautiful to cold and rainy in the space of 24 hours.

I was unprepared for five wound-up boys to be cooped up in the house after being outside almost constantly for two weeks. I took the easy way out and let them eat lollipops -- they were all natural and organic -- and watch a little television in the afternoon. They were absorbing a PBS kids' show where one of the characters was trying to impress her friends. The little girl said, "Well, I'm off to visit my aunt. She's a princess." My worldwise 10-year-old folded his arms over his chest and glared at the character while declaring her to be "a liar." I sensed a teachable moment, paused the program, and said, "Guys, Liam's right. She is lying. Why is she doing that?"

Liam scratched his head. Aidan stroked his chin thoughtfully. Ty made his eyes very big and innocent. Leif studiously licked his lollipop. Rowan threw his lollipop stick on the floor and hollered for another.

I sensed no one was going to answer, so I said, "Guys. She's trying to impress her friends by lying about her family. Do you think that's the best way to impress people?"

Liam, Aidan, Ty and Leif gave very self-righteous "no" answers. Rowan tried to take Leif's lollipop while he was looking in the other direction.

The majority of them were paying attention so I decided to try to drive the point home a little better. I asked, "What do you think is the best way to impress your friends?"

Liam shrugged his shoulders. Aidan tapped his forehead. Ty made his eyes even wider and more innocent. Leif threw his lollipop stick on the floor. Rowan, having somehow mysteriously found two more lollipops, proceeded to lick them and stick them to his arms.

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