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February 15, 2013

Otherworldly voices of Voca People at City Opera House

TRAVERSE CITY — Via an alternate dimension, an international phenomenon is coming to Traverse City.

Voca People will perform their otherworldly show on Sunday, Feb. 17, at the City Opera House, offering an unusual twist on, well, everything.

Voca People explores human emotions through song, tapping a repertoire spanning Mozart to Madonna to Run DMC. These familiar tunes will be presented like few have heard them before — no instruments needed.

Dressed in all white, including their faces and hands, Voca People provide audiences a blank canvas.

Six vocalists — one for each vocal part — and two beatboxers comprise each Voca People touring company. Besides the United States, there are groups based in France, Germany, Russia and Japan. Formed in 2009, Voca People have delighted audiences in 20 countries.

“The whole theme of this show is that music is universal, not just universal in countries but universal — literally,” said Cindy Sibilsky, the group’s marketing director in the United States. “The only way to be universal is to be blank, white, like a blank canvas.”

Each show is a new experience, in part because the Voca People weave in extensive audience participation during portions of the evening. The wow factor is that the musicians, using only their voices, make sounds that mimic a full orchestra as they present numbers from their 70-song selection.

“They are all stars in their own right,” said Sibilsky of the musicians, who give up their individual identity while part of Voca People. “They’re not acting like stars, they are part of something. The two coming to Traverse City are international beatbox champions.”

The bottom line is that the show is all about connecting — to one another, to the music and to universal human ideas and ideals.

“You will go away with a smile on your face and a song in your heart,” Sibilsky said.

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