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May 23, 2014

Theory of a Deadman launches new tour, album

TRAVERSE CITY — Theory of a Deadman isn't about playing it safe.

The hard rock outfit from Vancouver is hoping their upcoming album reinforces that.

Instead of going to multi-platform route and softening their sound to appeal to a more mass audience, they're doing the opposite.

"It's definitely a lot heavier than our last few albums," guitarist Dave Brenner said. "I'd say it would be most similar to our very first album, if I had to compare it to one of our other ones. We just took sort of a conscious direction change. We didn't want to be so in the middle anymore, such a safety zone for rock and roll. There was always this push from labels to have a sound that could transcend multiple genres or multiple radio formats. That's kind of changed. No pop stations are playing rock bands anymore. So for us, we were like, let's just do a rock record and let everyone know we're a rock band. We're a rock band, first and foremost. We've got 13 tracks on the record, and 10 of them are pretty much straight-up heavy rock songs."

Theory of a Deadman returns to Traverse City for the first time since October 2012 with that entire album of extra ammunition to join their previous chart-topping hits.

"SaVages" is scheduled for a July 8 release.

"We've been playing the new stuff live, and we almost feel like it's two bands up there," Brenner said. "The new stuff, it's not the humor aspects as much as there has been in the past. It's a little more serious and darker as far as the music and the tonality of the lyrics."

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