Traverse City Record-Eagle


May 19, 2014

News From 100 Years Ago: 05/19/2014

n TRAVERSE CITY leads in late models automobiles according to a Chicago man passing through the town. He has traveled extensively and says we have more late model cars than other cities of the same size.

n PATROLMEN WRIGHT AND OLSEN sprung a surprise party on some youths getting into mischief at the Oak Park School last night. The windows to the school were open and the young lads found that the sprinklers were on. They “kinked” the hoses and were in the process of setting them inside classrooms when the police surprised them and rounded them up just in time. The youth promised never to do it again.

n THE GATES to the Fair Grounds will be closed and locked this Memorial Day. This is under advisement of the Board of Supervisors. It is felt that people should observe good citizenship and observe the holiday in a manner other than athletic sports.

n FOR RENT: Six room house on Tenth Street and seven room house on Fifteenth Street for $7 a month. Contact T. McNamara at the Wilhelm Building.

n SHERIFF FAILED TO LIGHT auto lamps. While working at the corner of Cass and Front Streets, Patrolman Canfield found a stubborn violator of the traffic rules. According to Patrolman Canfield, an auto driven by Sheriff Allen Smith had no auto lamps on. Canfield hailed him down and warned him, and Smith allegedly made some caustic remarks. He drove off, and later Canfield saw him again with his auto lights on this time.

It is possible that a warrant charging Smith with the violation may be issued.

n SEVENTY FIVE GUESTS witnessed the society wedding of Zema Columbia of Old Mission and Robert Steere of Ann Arbor. The ceremony took place on the front lawn of the Bride’s parents amid the spectacular fruit trees with their spring foliage. Profuse decorations of cherry blossoms and the bride carried a bouquet of fairy like flowers.

n TOMORROW THERE WILL be more Camels in town than in all of Africa and Asia. The cigarettes will be available for 10 cents for twenty cigarettes.

n THE FORMAL OPENING of the Wequeton Club House will take place this evening. Dancing will begin at eight. The bowling alleys will not be ready until Monday.

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