Traverse City Record-Eagle


May 5, 2014

News From 100 Years Ago: 05/05/2014

n A PROMISING YOUNG BUSINESSMAN of Suttons Bay committed suicide for unknown reasons. John Smithesth, age 22, carried out the deed in a hotel room in Manistee. A note was found that gave instructions on what to do with his body. The wildest conjectures can furnish no cause for his act.

n IN POPULAR MECHANICS for this month, there is a long, detailed article about a new cherry picker invented by W.M. Gordon, a mail carrier from Traverse City. His picker involves clippers and a receptacle in a most convenient manner.

n HIGH CLASS VAUDEVILLE and moving pictures will be at Dreamland. Prices remain the same at Adults 10 cents and Children 5 cents.

n EMPLOYEES IN TRAVERSE CITY Street Cleaning Department are now decked out in snow white uniforms while on duty. This gives them a decidedly metropolitan air. This also gives them a neat appearance and enables drivers to see them while they are on duty.

n A MEETING OF THE ALUMNI Association was held at Central High School rooms last night. Plans for a “homecoming” for all people who attended the high school were introduced. More meetings on this subject will be held at a later date.

n MAYOR STRAUB declares May 8 as City Clean Up Day. Residents are asked to rake their lawns, clean up trash and place their premises in order.

n QUEEN CITY FLORAL reminds us that Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10. Wear a white flower in memory of your mother if she is deceased, and a bright flower if she is living.

n BEWARE OF THE FLY as he covers his feet and hairy legs with filth. He then deposits this on your food and beverages. If you don’t like this, get a fly swatter and try to be a Ty Cobb in the Pure Food League. The nearer your swatting average hits 1000 in May, the less swatting you will have in July.

n THE GENERAL CITY TAX for the year 1914 will be due on Monday, May 11. I.M. Winnie is the City Treasurer.

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