Traverse City Record-Eagle


April 28, 2014

News From 100 Years Ago: 04/28/2014

n DOCTORS J.O. AND MARY TRUEBLOOD, Osteopathic Physicians, are ready at their business in their office at 406 Wilhelm Building.

n THE BOARDMAN Eighth Grade has 99.41 % of attendance for the past month and no tardiness.

n THE AMERICAN DRUG STORE has moved to their new location this morning. Their new location is in the McNamara Building between Hamilton Clothing and Dreamland. This building has been entirely remodeled and will be one of the finest drug stores in the region.

n A CALL FROM A FRONT STREET RESIDENT was made when clothing was found under a porch . These items were a coat, hat and shoes, hinting at murder or some grave catastrophe. The police located Tony Flaska of Maple City who had apparently used these items as a bed when he took tired and decided to sleep under the porch. Upon leaving, he forgot to pick up his clothing items. They were returned to him.

n WHILE IN THE CITY yesterday afternoon, dogs entered the poultry yard of J.M. Knight and killed five pullets, one cock and seriously injured two other pullets. These fowls were prize winners and took every prize in sight at poultry shows last winter. Mr. Knight places his loss at $100.

n DREAMLAND HAS HIGH CLASS vaudeville and moving pictures. Prices remain the same at 10 cents for adults and 5 cents for children.

n THE ENTIRE OUTFIT OF JOHN T. BEADLE company must sell out by the end of May. This includes Saddlery, saddlery hardware, sewing machines, office machinery, shop tools, office furniture, safe, show cases and all other articles belonging to the factory. This is a splendid opportunity.

n THIRTY HEAD OF HORSES for sale at Morgan Livery. Also for sale is a fine Shetland pony outfit. See Glen Silver, Proprietor.

n LOST BETWEEN FOURTEENTH and Front Street — a muffler for a motor cycle. Return to Record Eagle for a reward.

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