Traverse City Record-Eagle


July 15, 2013

News from 100 Years Ago: 07/15/2013

• PAID FOR DISTURBANCE — Frank Gagnon Received Black Eye and Fine – After being the recipient of several blows, delivered by a wrathy opponent, one of which left a mark on his right eye which is still plainly visible. Frank Gagnon claims that he sat down and peaceably awaited the coming of patrolman Ross. It is alleged that Gagnon went to the Hildebrandt home on Boyd Avenue Tuesday in a more or less intoxicated condition. A dispute arose over something and before the fracas was ended it is said that he had blown out all of the lights and started to clean house. Hildebrandt then got in his good work and pummeled him into submission. He was arrested about 1 o’clock this morning. Gagnon appeared before Judge Birdsall and plead guilty to a drunk and disorderly charge. He was sentenced to take ten days in jail or pay a fine and costs of $7. He paid.

• MAKING SOIL TESTS — Agriculture Experts are Busy in Region – They are helping newly formed Alfalfa Clubs to get into operation – Prof. A. R. Potts spent Friday in the vicinity of Traverse City visiting alfalfa fields. In the forenoon he helped William Grant solve some of the problems that have been bothering Mr. Grant for weeks past and in the afternoon he visited the alfalfa field on the T.H. Lindsley place on the Peninsula. Prof. Potts examined the field and made several tests of the soil and was able to give information which will be of vast value in getting larger returns for the future.

AD: Teeth extracted absolutely without pain — by the “Ka-olar” method I can remove those aching teeth absolutely without pain, and without the use of drugs to produce unconsciousness. People of nervous temperament and with weak hearts will appreciate the “Ka-olar” method of painless extraction. Dr. W.G. Kinyon, 205-208 Wilhelm Block, with Dr. Holdsworth, Traverse City.

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