Traverse City Record-Eagle


July 7, 2014

News From 100 Years Ago: 07/07/2014

n George Valley and his wife, of Long Lake, were victims of runaway horses. While returning from the city in the evening, a harness broke, frightening the horses and they ran away. Mrs. Valley jumped and injured her back. Mr. Valley also jumped after trying to stop the horses. He suffered a broken right ankle. A neighbor helped them home and a doctor was summoned. Mrs. Valley is still seriously ill, but Mr. Valley is recuperating nicely.

n William Coughran, a night watchman by trade, returned to his home on Front Street unexpectedly last night and found his wife missing. He began a search and found his wife in a park near his home with one James Parmateer. A fight broke out with Mr. Coughlin’s brother in law coming to his aid. The two men brought Parmateer to the Coughlin residence and the police were called. Parmateer was escorted to jail. Mr. Coughlin escorted his wife to an attorney the next morning to begin a legal separation.

n Mrs. Frank Herman, 50, of Cedar, grew tired of life and took a teaspoon and a half of paris green. Help was summoned when her husband discovered her suffering. All known attempts to save her were tried, but it is doubtful she will survive.

n M.K. Paige bought the billiard room, barber shop, and shoe shine stand on Front Street. He will be making numerous improvements and add several new lines of goods. He has taken immediate possession from the previous owner, Mr. Jay Greenman.

n In the past four days, twenty-one violators of the bicycle ordinance of riding on sidewalks during the evening hours. A second violation will result in prosecution.

n The cherries are in their prime these days and every grower has as many pickers as it is possible to secure. Four to six carloads are shipped out every night. The quick service lands the cherries on the Chicago market early in the morning.

n Now is the time and this is the place to buy your bathing caps. We have a fresh supply of bathing caps, water wings, slippers, sponges, etc. These items can be found at the American Drug Store.

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