Traverse City Record-Eagle

November 19, 2012

News From ... 100 Years Ago: 11/19/2012

By Emma Jane Muir, Special to the Record-Eagle

---- — -- Among the first hunting accidents to be reported came in yesterday. A party of four were hunting near Bates when George Gegner received the full discharge of a pump gun in his left foot. While it was being examined, the gun accidentally discharged into the ankle. A physician was summoned who brought Mr. Gegner to the city. Amputation just above the ankle was necessary.

-- The case of Harvey Morrisutharon vs. Queen City Electric Light and Power Co., which has been pending in the circuit court, has been decided upon by Judge F. W. Mayne. Judge Mayne denied the injunction, however, determined that there was evidence of damages and the complainant was entitled to compensation for them.

-- Arthur Grelick writes that he will be in Turkey for Thanksgiving. The U.S.S. Tennessee on which he is a machinist, left the navy yards yesterday to join the international fleet in the Mediterranean.

-- About 300 bushels of beans were threshed in the Solon neighborhood Friday and Saturday. This amount reveals that a record crop was harvested in that area topping all previous yields.

-- Lew Kennedy and Herb Cork are going to lumber 160 acres at the Buckley and Douglas place in Klasson, the logs going to Ruthardt's Siding. They plan to complete the job late next winter.

-- According to the South Water Street Commission merchants in Chicago the Thanksgiving turkeys this year are likely to cost the housewife from 30 to 35 cents a pound more than the prevailing price of a decade ago. The turkeys for that market come from the west and south, many from Texas and the Dakotas. The cold, wet months last spring has cause a short crop.

-- Sunday afternoon, a wedding was solemnized at the M. E. parsonage at Old Mission by Rev. George L. Thompson that united Roy Christoper, of Old Mission, and Miss Mary Lee, of Joplin, Mo. Following the ceremony, a reception was held at the home of the groom's parents with many guests present.

-- The last meeting of the Grand Traverse County committee of the State Suffrage Association of Michigan was held in the parlors of the YWCA last Monday afternoon. The purpose of the meeting was to attend to some unfinished business and to devise ways and means whereby every woman in the county might become familiar with state laws and duties of county, township and city officers. A small balance of funds left in the treasury will be sent to headquarters at Grand Rapids.

-- Mrs. O. E. Webb of this city is overseeing the shipping of her household goods at Fife Lake and has rented her south town dwelling in that village to Bert Benis. He is a newcomer to the area and is looking forward to making new acquaintances in the area.

-- Archie D. LaMeer left this morning for Cadillac where he will visit for a short time. He will then leave for Flint where he has accepted a position.

-- Advice on deportment. Never wipe your fingers on the tablecloth, nor clean them in your mouth. Use the napkin.

-- Medical advice of a century ago. To cleanse hair of dandruff, rub in the yolk of an egg. Wash out with castile soap, rinse with cold water, dry.

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