Traverse City Record-Eagle


December 7, 2013

Rob Ford: Spread holiday cheer with eye contact

‘Whatever you do, don’t make eye contact” I said to myself.

“It’s OK to look at your hands, look at your shoes, look at his beard or look at anything else, but just don’t make eye contact”.

Because, looking him in the eye might mean receiving the instant verdict. He knew if I had been bad or good. He knew if I had been naughty or nice.

“For goodness sake, Rob, just don’t look Santa Claus in the face.”

I remember my first trips to see Santa like they were yesterday.

I’m all grown up and I now look more like St. Nick than I act like him. Just the same, I usually keep the eye contact to a minimum.

In fact, you could say that tis’ the season to avoid eye contact.

Christmastime naturally puts us in contact with so many people. Many of those nice people could be friends, co-workers or family members, depending upon the occasion. Those people we are most glad to see. But it also puts us in situations where we encounter more people that we aren’t so comfortable being around.

Walk down the main street of any town. Unless you cross paths with a good friend, chances are you’ll avert your eyes from theirs. Besides, there are windows to shop, piles of snow to kick and plenty of other things to look at other than the inner souls of passersby.

Ever had “lunch” at Sam’s Club or any of those stores that offer samples of edible products? You know what I mean. You’re out shopping and your stomach is growling. Just as you round the corner of the canned goods aisle, there stands a person in a lab coat and hairnet offering up bite sized portions of something that smells so good.

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