Traverse City Record-Eagle

February 18, 2013

100 years: 02/18/2013


---- — n One of the jolliest parties given at the Mission in a long time was the one tendered by Miss Mae Tompkins Saturday — an evening with St. Valentine with games, contests and other amusements as diversions. In a contest in which each guest had to draw a picture of Cupid, Oliver Brinkham carried away first prize and Miss Kate Bagley the consolation. In untying the "Lover's Knot," Carl Pratt and Oliver Brinkman received the prize favors. After a general social time, luncheon was served and the napkins, each bearing the name of every guest at the party, were carried home as souvenirs of the event. It was a late hour before the young people dispersed and many expressed the wish they might attend more parties of a like nature during the winter.

n A number of the representative businessmen met at the Little Tavern last night for a six o'clock supper. The live issues of the Board of Trade were discussed and the balance of the evening was devoted to considering the different phases of the new City Charter. Some of the best talks were given last night and it shows how closely the business men and the citizens in general have been studying this Charter. All the questions that had arisen as to certain points were taken up and the men gave full swing to their views.

n Mrs. J.T. Hannah and Mrs. C.M. Beers have returned from a few days trip to Ann Arbor and Toledo.

n Mrs. H.C. Hull left for Chicago last night and will be gone for a few days.

n Fred D. Curtis is in Thompsonville on business today.

n Fred G. Heumann is in Grand Rapids attending the meetings of the Consistory and will remain for the Shrine meeting Friday night.

n Mrs. Roy Weathy gave an entertainment and social evening at her home in Acme, at which a number of her Traverse City friends were present. All reported a fine time.

n A very pleasant evening was spent with Mrs. Angas at her home near Bates. A chicken supper was served and a number of Traverse City people were present.

n The Elmwood Avenue Mothers Club will hold their February meeting Thursday afternoon at 2:30. An excellent program has been prepared and a good attendance is desired.

n The Bay froze over February 18th in 1899 and 1910. The ice went out in 1889 on March 30th, having been in for forty days. This morning the Bay is only frozen out as far as the Island, and a sharp north wind would break it up.

n One year ago today it was 36 degrees above at seven a.m. and 26 degrees above at seven p.m. This morning it was 22 degrees above at six a.m.

n Some of flocks of ducks who have been in the Bay for several weeks have migrated to the river since the freezing of the larger body of water. This morning some of them decided to come back to their old haunts and furnished much amusement for a group of spectators who watched them attempt to settle on the Bay. They picked out a comparatively smooth stretch of ice, evidently mistaking it for water, and upon attempting to light, slid on the ice for some distance. After several attempts, they left the Bay and headed for the river again.