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January 4, 2014

Rob Ford: Resolutions sometimes outpace ambitions


I had twenty four hours to consider what I was going to be doing.

The next night, we did read some lines in different configurations of actors. What made this different from other plays was that I’ve never read for a part with the specter of an oncoming strip dance hanging overhead.

So yeah, I was distracted during the reading.

The dancing instructions were simple: Five men would take to the dance floor in the lower level of the Old Town Playhouse at a time. The music would start, we would begin to dance and further instructions would follow — instructions like which article of clothing to remove next.

I could give you details, but I’ll bet whatever image you are conjuring right now is pretty close to the scene night seven years ago.

In my life, and in my strip dancing, I live by a simple code: control the things that I can control and avoid the things that I cannot control.

By that I mean that I removed my clothes in my own discreet fashion and left the more suggestive removal and gyrating to those better suited for it.

It wasn’t necessarily part of my dance routine, but I actually folded them and placed them on a nearby chair, amidst the group madness.

It was who I was, controlling what I could and avoiding what I could not.

Have a great 2014, and I hope that you all resolve to do something fun this year. If you do, make sure that it’s something really cool like running with the bulls, jumping out of an airplane, climbing the sand dunes, shooting a hole in one or trying out for a part in a musical about middles-aged strippers.

Rob Ford was born and raised in northern Michigan. He lives in Elk Rapids where he owns and operates Riverside Title. He can be reached via email at

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