Traverse City Record-Eagle


February 10, 2014

Northern Notes: Angels appear in many different disguises

Erie Hermann of Traverse City believes in angels and that they can appear in many different disguises.

On New Year’s Eve day, Erie stopped at the Family grocery store at Chum’s Corner for a few items. The temperature was 9 degrees, it was snowing, visibility was poor and the roads were snow-covered and slippery. After making her purchase, she started home, but made a turn too sharply and landed with three of her car’s tires in snow up to the fenders and one tire in the air.

She headed into a convenience store to call a tow truck with help from the clerk and while she was waiting for her call to be picked up, a gentleman appeared and she asked if he had a tow truck.

“He laughed and said he only helped attractive senior ladies,” Erie wrote. “Wow.”

The man and his son told Erie to get in the car, put it in reverse and they would put a chain on and pull the car out. With a great deal of noise and effort and direction from the son, they did just that. After checking her car out, the father and son team sent her on her way ... no charge.

“The angel’s name was Tam Fabatz and he has a business called Creative Solutions Landscape and Tree,” Erie wrote. “Bless you, Tom. I’ll try to pass it on.”

Residents at Hope Village in Williamsburg and members of the Grand Traverse County Senior Center Network recently donated 20 quilts to Northflight EMS through the “Stitches of Kindness” program.

The program was established by Lin Alessio in memory of her mother and husband. Lin incorporated the project into the Acme Senior Center programs. Each quilt takes six to eight hours to make and will be given to patients to provide comfort and warmth while they are being transported to the hospital. The patient than can keep the quilt as reminder that someone cares.

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