Traverse City Record-Eagle

February 10, 2014

News From 100 Years Ago: 02/10/2014

History Center of Traverse City
Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — n A BOWLING CONTEST IS scheduled for tonight. The Traverse City Colts who have challenged the Lion Champs to a bowling contest, will be accommodated this evening at the Lions Alley.

n “NEVER TURN YOUR FAUCETS with a jerk” is the advice of a professional plumber. Turn the faucets slowly and gently when turning the water on or off and they will last twice as long. This applies to the packing on a single or double spindle bathtub faucet.

n ICE CUTTERS must protect open spaces by enclosing the area. There is to be no skating on Boardman Lake.

n NEIGHBORHOOD RINK is being instituted by the Oak Park Neighborhood Club. The rink will be made on Webster Street between Prospect and Rose for any and all ages.

n PRESIDENT WILSON has another bad cold and was ordered to stay in bed.

n THE CALENDAR states that this is Friday the thirteen, but nothing yet has happened to change the Earth’s orbit or any other strange occurrence as proclaimed by many.

n AN ELIZABETHAN banquet was held by the English Literature class at Traverse City High School. Instructors were the invited guests and students dressed as various characters of the times.