Traverse City Record-Eagle


March 3, 2014

News From 100 Years Ago: 03/03/2014

n MRS. FLORENCE ELLIS, who conducted a restaurant at 203 Union Street for the past fourteen years, has sold her business to Mrs. F. M. Ritter of Angell. Mrs. Ellis feels she is in need of a rest.

n THE TWO STORY DWELLING of Gug Buck, living on Selkirk Farm for two and a half years, was totally destroyed by fire. There is no insurance. The fire was supposedly started in a stove pipe in the upper story.

n SANFORD LANGWORTHY, a lumberjack, was locked up yesterday afternoon after he had been pried up from a bunking place he had selected at the M N & E Depot. He was allowed to finish his sleep before being shipped out of the city.

n RALPH MONTAGUE, of Old Mission, was locked up for drunkenness by Chief of Police Carson. Montague had been in the city for two or three days and had refused to heed frequent warnings offered him by the police. He will be taken to court this afternoon.

n CARL RUEBEKAM had his hand badly burned last night when a flashlight he had been operating exploded prematurely.

n ANDREW GILMORE, who was successfully operated on for his appendix last week, has returned to his home on Old Mission.

n GREAT FIRE SALE OF PIANOS is taking place at Smith and Hurst Music Company, 239 E. Front Street. Pianos range in prices from forty eight dollars on up. These pianos are not injured in tone as some may think, but merely have damaged cases. They come with a one year guarantee for satisfaction.

n OTTO VOELKER, teacher of physics at the Traverse City High School, and Miss Ruby V. Wright , were married in the study of the M and E Church. Miss Wright had taught in one of the schools in Traverse City. They left the area to take up positions in Idaho.

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