Traverse City Record-Eagle


February 24, 2014

News From 100 Years Ago: 02/24/2014

n ONE LOAD OF ICE that was drawn from the Boardman Lake was hauled two miles to the Hannah & Lay Mercantile Company. There were seventy-two cakes, each weighing 250 pounds, or 17,280 pounds total. This was one of largest ice loads drawn from the lake.

n TWO ENGINES COME TOGETHER at Crossing and was the cause of a good shaking up of the two crew members. Phil Griffin and his crew were switching a string of cars coming north when a flanger engine with just the crew was going south. Damages included the loss of the cow catcher on one engine and the smashing of the wood on the front of the other engine. No one was injured and the tracks were cleared in twenty minutes.

n FREE SIMPLICITY PATTERNS to be given away at the Hannah & Lay Mercantile Company. We are so convinced that once you use these patterns, you will come back to purchase more.

n THE DATE FOR THE FINAL HEARING in the case against Phil Glasmer, Earl Gibson and Henry Edwards who were arrested for the theft at Footes Grocery Store has not been definitely fixed. In the mix up at the detention home yesterday, Glasmer was wounded when Edwards attacked him with a pocket knife and thrust the blade through Glasmer’s hand. Several stitches were taken, but the wound is not considered serious.

n FISHERMEN’S COOPS are beginning to dot the Bay in all directions.

n TO PUT THE FINISHING touches on the improvements being made at the Post Office, the employees have taken it upon themselves to varnish and refinish all the furniture and to make the fixtures conform to the newness of the building.

n OWING TO SEVERE SNOWSTORMS, no trains were able to enter into Grand Rapids from the south.

in time to connect to the trains coming into this territory.

Thus, no mail was received for our area.

n COAL, free from slate and clinkers, is now on sale for quick delivery at the Traverse City Milling Company.

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