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August 26, 2013

News From 100 Years Ago: 08/26/2013

• This is (a) busy week. Several things will be (done) at once. Every day for the balance of the week will be a big day.

Tomorrow the Grangers are here for twenty miles around. This will call in the largest crowd that has been here this season.

Thursday and Friday the Postmasters’ convention will be in full swing.

Friday will also be the day for the postponed regatta races, while the last series of games with the Manistee baseball club will (be) on the boards at the baseball park.

During these days the various committees on arrangements ask the merchants to display all the flags and bunting that they can in their decorations. These little acts will show the visitors that the people appreciate their coming and it also shows the community spirit.

• There is a force of men employed at the chute of the Hannah & Lay company’s mill removing the sunken logs and other debris so that the work of replacing the large timbers can be pushed. The water in the lake has been lowered over two feet to allow this work to be done.

• A lost child caused no little excitement on the south side last night. Kenneth Bell, three years old, took his tricycle and started out to see the world. He was gone for some time and neighbors had started a search when Jack Welt and Walter Bell, two lads older than the truant, found him on Front street, nearly to the G.R. & I. crossing. He was taken to police headquarters and Chief Carson located his parents. When found the youngster was completely fagged and was unable to say a thing except that he was hungry.

• SPORT GOSSIP. Tyrus Cobb was presented with the Evans trophy for the fourth time last night. The trophy is a massive affair valued at $1,000, given in recognition of Cobb’s victory over all others in the batting average contest. The Peach has won the emblem every year but the first since it has been offered.

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