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May 3, 2014

Life As I Know It: It's asparagus time in northern Michigan

Asparagus is the veggie that I have chosen

It’s good when it’s fresh, but I’ll eat it frozen

Asparagus is the veggie; the best in the land

It’s good when it’s fresh, but I’ll eat it canned

Asparagus is the veggie which I have daydreamed

Its good when it’s fresh, but even better steamed.

Asparagus is the veggie that has me so tickled

It’s good when it’s fresh, but I’ll eat it pickled

Asparagus is the veggie that makes my pee funky

It’s good when it’s fresh or in soups that are chunky

Asparagus is the veggie celebrated today

It’s so good when it’s fresh, but I‘ll eat it most any way.

April was National Poetry month.

May is National Asparagus month.

How fitting is it then that I wrote this poem just as the sun was setting upon another poetry month and that it is now appearing in the newspaper on the first Saturday of National Asparagus month?

My poetry muscles have been resting for some time and even I think that this one is pretty light exercise. Even so, I think that it captured by inner feelings toward northwestern Lower Michigan’s favorite perennial vegetable. But we probably shouldn’t expect to be hearing fellow Record-Eagle contributors and professional poets Terry Wooten or Fleda Brown reciting those lines at a Stone Circle gathering or on IPR any time soon, either.

As you are probably aware, the Empire Asparagus Festival is just a few weeks away. And a large component of this small town honoring of asparagus is a poetry contest. Agile minded poets from all over are encouraged to submit their asparagus-slanted works and receive springtime poetic justice.

I’ve never made it a habit of entering such writing contests, but perhaps this will be the year that I give it a try.

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