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March 24, 2014

Northern Notes: Driver delivers more than packages

Don and Barb Steinhoff of Traverse City wrote to thank Tammy Lowes, a FedEx driver from Harrison who delivered much more than packages on Feb. 13.

Tammy saw Don lying in the snow where he had fallen and came to his aid. She took him to the couple’s home and told Barb she believed an ambulance should be called. Tammy then called 911 while Barb got ready to go to emergency, where it was determined that Don had suffered a concussion in the fall.

“I can’t thank her enough for her caring. There are caring people!” Barb wrote.


Some readers may remember an article in the Jan. 13 Record-Eagle about Braveheart, the cat that was found freezing and near death in a snowbank. Dubbed the “Christmas Miracle” by AC Paw, he was taken to Bay Area Pet Hospital. Braveheart was dehydrated, malnourished, anemic and so cold that hospital staff couldn’t get a temperature reading. He also was diagnosed with kidney disease and tested positive for FIV.

Kidney disease can be treated with a specific diet and subcutaneous fluids. FIV meant he would have to be the only cat in the home or go to a home with other FIV positive cats. AC Paw officials believed it might take some time, but their hope was that Braveheart would recover and could go to a home where he could live a comfortable life. He was able to leave Bay Area Hospital once he was strong enough and went to a foster home.

Unfortunately, a follow-up visit to Bay Area Pet Hospital revealed many other health concerns. Treatments and a biopsy would be very risky for Braveheart, who was frail and thin, and weighed less than four pounds. The doctors and staff thought treatment might give Braveheart a few more weeks or months at most and that his health would continue to decline.

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