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September 30, 2011

Masked band got break opening for itself

Mushroomhead plays Saturday at Ground Zero



Describing their style a "humor-core," the group's songs are all funny, led by their hit song "Beer!"

Just an example from the lyrics of "Beer!": "They say beer will make me dumb. It are go good with pizza" with intentionally mangled grammar to emphasize the dumb part.

"Josh (Key) started writing a stupid little poem about how awesome he thought (beer) was and how dumb people get if they drink too much of it," Kersey said.

"The approval process for our songs is pretty simple," Kersey continued. "The big test is if it makes us laugh."

Any songs that delve into more serious subjects go into the band's side project, Evacuate Chicago.

"It was basically just me and Josh (Key) being dorks in high school and wanting to start a band," Kersey said. "We didn't want to be a band that was angry and pissed off. ... We'd rather laugh than be angry."

Tickets for Saturday's 18-and-up show are $18.

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