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September 6, 2013

Beer hits the Internet airwaves

TRAVERSE CITY — Four people piled out of three cars, a couple of six packs of beer in hand, a mini-processional that took place just a few hours after the last school bus passed Mike Moran's modest Victoria Street home one recent morning.

To onlooking neighbors — at least one of which paused to watch while mowing his lawn nearby — the recurring Tuesday morning visit from beer-toting friends might arouse suspicions that the professional musician is pilfering sick days to party. But nothing could be farther from the truth.

Each week, Moran meets Carly Anderson, Shaun McKolay and Bob Miller at his front door. The friends exchange pleasantries, crack open a couple of fresh beers, clock-in and head for Moran's basement.

They are the cast and crew of "Drink My Brewcast", a weekly podcast that mixes a melange of beer critique, brewer interviews and bartender shenanigans.

Within a few minutes, Anderson, 26, McKolay, 31, and Miller, 27, were seated inside a sound booth in Moran's basement around a table littered with their notebooks, a handful of pint glasses and a few bottles of beer.

"It's time for the Drink My Brewcast show for Thurs ...," Moran said into a microphone that hangs above his table of mixing boards outside the studio before mumbling a curse under his breath. "I thought I said Tuesday."

The trio inside the booth laughed at and heckled Moran while he tried three more times to spit out the correct sequence of words for the show's introduction. All four of the show's stalwart characters once worked together at Northpeak Brewing in traverse City.

McKolay still works at the brewery, while Anderson and Miller work elsewhere. Anderson is co-owner of Brewery Ferment and probably the most experienced beer analyst in the group.

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