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August 23, 2013

Couple's quest turns into film

TRAVERSE CITY — Teresa Carey had sailed all over the world, but she’d never seen an iceberg.

So when she and husband Ben, both Coast Guard licensed captains and communications freelancers, got a break between jobs, they decided to sail north to find one.

Their adventure is documented in a soon-to-be released feature film called “The Simple Quest.” The documentary, jointly produced by the couple and the Florida-based production company Doctrine Creative, will be the subject of a free test screening Sunday at the State Theatre. Audiences will watch a 120-minute rough-cut of the film, complete feedback forms and participate in a guided discussion.

“The audience members are volunteering to be a critical part of the filmmaking process,” said Carey, a Kalkaska native now based in Massachusetts. “We’re having these test screenings to make our film better.”

Carey learned to sail with her family on Lake Michigan, near Elk Rapids. Later she studied environmental science at the University of Michigan and spent summers crewing and teaching sailing.

She was piloting boats around the East Coast and looking for one to buy when she met Ben, who was selling his on Martha’s Vineyard. In the end, she bought a different boat and he sold his and bought another. But they’ve been sailing together ever since.

The couple was living on Long Island, N.Y., when they decided to sail to the French island of St. Pierre off Newfoundland, Canada. Ben speaks French and someday hopes to sail to France.

While preparing for the trip, they learned about Newfoundland’s Iceberg Alley, which stretches from Greenland to the southern east coast of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

“That became my motivation,” Carey said. “I’d never seen an iceberg. I wanted to see one for the same reason that people want to see the Grand Canyon: it’s this big, beautiful, natural, spectacular thing, just like an iceberg is.”

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