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June 21, 2013

Drowning Pool dives in with 4th lead singer

BUCKLEY — The last time Drowning Pool played in northern Michigan, Ryan McCombs was belting out the group’s hard rock.

This time around, things will be different.

McCombs left the band in November 2011 to rejoin his old band, Soil, and now the outfit has Jasen Moreno on lead vocals.

“As far as the dynamic within the band, it’s been a little easier,” said bassist and founding Drowning Pool member Stevie Benton. “The last year or so with Ryan (McCombs), there was a lot of head-butting going on. A lot of personality conflicts happening. It was difficult at times to be on the road together.

“But so far with Jasen, we all get along really well. He’s a pretty laid-back guy, with not too many vices going on. He’s a little easier to get along with on a day-to-day basis. It’s been a nice change.”

The band — perhaps best known for its hit “Bodies” — plays June 28 at the Southside Festival Grounds in Buckley. The opening acts are Eye Empire, Even the Dead Love a Parade and Six Foot Soul.

The Southside locale is one of several on this tour that are outdoors, which Benton said are a welcome change of pace.

“This tour we’ve been on the past few weeks has been a mix,” he said. “A few outdoor shows and a lot of dark, smoky club shows as well. Something new every day.

“Dialing up your sound, whether it be inside or out, is a lot different. Honestly, I love it when it’s like this. If there’s one downside to being on the road, it’s that everything gets a little monotonous. So to just change it up a little every day, it kinds of keep you on your toes and keeps you from getting bored,” Benton said.

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