Traverse City Record-Eagle

November 8, 2013

TC kickoff for group's tour

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — TRAVERSE CITY — Just as Eve to Adam is set to make its Traverse City debut, the melodic rock band also is poised to break through into the top 40.

The New York-based outfit’s first single — “Immortal” — off its new album “Locked & Loaded” is sitting at No. 42 on the Active Rock charts as the group prepares to hit the stage at Streeters Ground Zero tonight as part of a show with Pop Evil. “Immortal” has been receiving heavy airplay on XM Radio.

“The new single is doing great,” said singer Taki Sassaris, who formed the five-piece group in 1997 with his drumming brother Alex. “The reaction to it, both critical and fan alike, is pretty overwhelming. People really like the song. We’re really grateful.”

Eve to Adam’s first several albums — and singles like “Reach” and “Straightjacket Supermodel” — have been generally well-received by critics, but haven’t spawned any chart-climbers the way their newest release has.

“The album is stacked with really big songs,” Sassaris said. “There are a few more singles on the record, for sure. Overall, it’s a very cohesive album. You could listen to it as a complete work. But if you want to cherry pick it for singles, you definitely can. It makes it unique. It’s a very single-driven rock world, and trying to make an album that will make people’s heads turn is not easy. At 42 minutes, it’s still digestible. It sort of fulfills both of those demands.”

Sassaris said the band’s long road to success since its fledgling days in 1997 has been very influential on “Locked & Loaded.”

“My brother and I have been very dedicated to what we’re doing,” Sassaris said. “And we’re very enthralled to actually have it work out for us. We’ve been touring the country for years. To have it all work out for us on this level, where we actually have two singles that have been on the radio and a third right now and people knowing the name of the band, it’s fantastic. Going through what we’ve been through — genre changes, the music industry, technological changes — we’ve definitely endured many trends. We tell the tale of a band that has endured.

“With the advent of the Internet and everything spread so quickly now, there’s so many quick success stories. Our story is very unique. I’m very proud of it. We wouldn’t be the band we are today without everything we’ve been doing and everything we’ve overcome. It makes the music very real.”

The concert is also the very first stop on Eve to Adam’s tour with Pop Evil, The Letter Black — which has an album slated for release later this month — and Kansas City-based Black Oxygen.

Meanwhile, Pop Evil’s “Deal With the Devil” is sitting at No. 8 on the Active Rock charts, the second hit from the group’s third album, “Onyx.”

“We decided to bring out these upcoming bands with us in November and December,” Pop Evil singer Leigh Kakaty said. “This bill is very diverse which will be very entertaining for our fans.”

Advance tickets are $15 at or by calling 932-1300.