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Edna Shaffer: Grandma's Kitchen

June 15, 2009

Grandma's Kitchen: Counting blessings

Today as I think of you this bit of verse comes to mind:

"Time rushes by so swiftly,

Problems come and go,

The moments we enjoy light upon us

then pass before our eyes.

Through it all I realize.

one simple truth remains unchanged.

It's the special people in our lives that matter most."


I am so deeply indebted to all of you.

I am slowly easing back into the land of the living. My routine is different, but at least I have one. For five months I've been in a strange land without boundaries, but with the love and prayers of my girls, my church and Record-Eagle family I'm finding my new "normal," and it feels good!

I've debated whether I should mention my illness. But so many of you have asked it would not be possible for me to answer each letter individually. I'll be as brief as possible and promise not to revisit the topic again.

I was diagnosed just before Christmas with bladder cancer. In mid-January I had my first surgery at Munson, which was not successful, so I was sent to the University of Michigan hospital for a radical surgery Feb. 25.

After about 10 days there, I was sent home to recover only to run into a series of complications that sent me to the cardiac unit at Munson for another two weeks!

I have always believed that love heals and the entire staff there proved that to be so true.

The same loving care that I received was extended to my ever-present family. They were allowed to stay with me and help with my personal care. We saw so many miracles here and at the university hospital, too. It was another display of God's amazing grace through his people. We will never forget them. So now it's onward and upward to some happier days. Thank you for your concern.

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