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Edna Shaffer: Grandma's Kitchen

February 22, 2009

Grandma's Kitchen: Nutrition is a priority

Many years ago, when I first started playing around with writing, a remark made by a well known writer of that day stuck in my head ... and it often comes back to needle me.

He said, "Every writer worth his salt documents his own time and events in his writing."

I think about that a lot in relation to food and all the cycles and changes I've seen over the years. Food speaks volumes about the mind-set of a people and culture. Ever since the hunter/gatherers went out and conked some poor unsuspecting wild beast on the head with a club, the race has been on for a faster, tastier way to satisfy our hunger.

This pursuit occupies our thoughts and consumes our time and resources. We all know the progression until today. I have wondered if some 21st century food fanciers haven't almost elevated that pursuit of perfection into a new religion. I shiver when I read that diners pay $100 for a gourmet dinner, remembering years ago when I fed my small family almost a month for that!

I'm sure I'm a throwback in this age because I still believe that less is more, and that nutrition should be our priority. It may be a real challenge to many of us as our economy unravels and our food budget dwindles to discover new ways to get more bang for our buck.

So the food evolution goes on. I hope we won't go full cycle and get back to clubbing our dinner to death.


Thanks to daughter Sarah for writing the good column in January, and thank you for the comments. It seems we all enjoyed her take on growing up in the parsonage in the 1970-'80s. They truly are glass houses, but we loved every minute of it and all the special people we met and loved. They remain part of our family today.

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