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Edna Shaffer: Grandma's Kitchen

October 26, 2008

Grandma's Kitchen: Talking turkey with family

I was up in time to wake the birds this morning. As the dawn streaked the sky I was building turkey sandwiches for a road trip. My daughter Cathy and her daughter Airlia needed to head out to New York by 7 a.m. Their trip out here on Friday took about 16 hours, they got caught in the Michigan leaf peepers stampede headed north in the evening. That plus the construction was bad news.

Can I "talk turkey"? You will probably think I've lost my mind. Three of us (one was vegetarian) sat down to a 12 pound turkey dinner on Saturday! It didn't really start out that way. Our local daughter's family had other fairly urgent obligations like helping with the new baby and laying up a chimney. So the New York crew is transporting frozen leftovers across four states to their freezer! I fear that by Thanksgiving we will be turkeyed- out , maybe lasagna will sound good!

Speaking of our new baby, I got to hold him, and I was reminded once again of the special fragrance that belongs to babies alone, and just how small they really are. He is so alert, precious and priceless and makes us all long to work for a better world for him to grow up in. They deserve our best efforts.

This weekend was a great time for a little color tour. The countryside looks like a master painter's canvas...and that's really what it is too, isn't it? To enjoy the breathtaking beauty is a spiritual experience. I wish it lasted longer, but maybe its fascination is in its brevity.

Just a few hours after the newspaper hit your boxes this morning I had my first responses to my request for the Christmas recipes and stories, so keep them coming. Thank you Paula and Gail.

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