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Edna Shaffer: Grandma's Kitchen

August 3, 2008

Grandma's Kitchen: Curious news

When you start doing food research you might say along with Alice in Wonderland," This is getting curiouser and curiouser." As more attention is focused on the science of food and nutrition the news from last year has given way to new revelations and discoveries this year. I'm sure there is no end in sight as the research speeds up and continues. It has become a branch of the medical field and practice, and it's high time it did! Pardon the old cliche, but the object seems to be that "we are what we eat"

I recall the words of an old nutritionist who said, "For every disease known to man, there is a food that will either prevent or help cure it." I cannot say with authority that this is true, but I do know that our natural world is full of amazing mysteries. It will be interesting to watch the research unfold.

For the last month I have been intrigued by the Johns Hopkins' research on broccoli sprouts. Their findings were that broccoli and particularly the sprouts from the seed contain a strong cancer preventive and fighter in the human body.

I have been making the sprouts for sometime. They are tasty on a salad or sandwich, and simple to make. You can get the seeds at Oryana complete with easy instructions for sprouting. I just use a quart canning jar with a piece of cheesecloth for a strainer, secured with the jar ring. Other cole crops, cabbage, collards, kale, brussel sprouts and cauliflower are in the same class of immunity boosters. It cannot hurt to tap the power of prevention -- especially when the foods are so delicious and plentiful!

Some research says they are more beneficial if eaten raw. So chomp away.....

There is a 93-year-old woman, Dr. Grace Boggs who writes some very timely articles. She expresses how I feel (and you too, judging from your mail) but does it so much better. Here are a few excerpts for brevity's sake. She says "We are at the stage in human history that is as monumental as changing from a hunter/gatherer society to an agricultural society, and from there to an industrial society. Where we are headed now will be different because we have exhausted planetary space and human space. We can no longer look at life through the measurement of material things. We've used the world for our own gain and pleasures. We need to change our views about acquiring things ... and change our institutions as well as ourselves."

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