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Edna Shaffer: Grandma's Kitchen

June 10, 2008

Grandma's Kitchen: A perfect birthday

Have you ever felt so happy that you would just like to push the stop button and freeze your life right there for a long time? I hope so. That's what happened to me on my birthday.

My four daughters all got here at the same time, which seldom works out because of our weird schedules. Here they came, loaded with wonderful food of all kinds, flowers, coffees and goodies. We partied, talked, laughed, reminisced, ate, drank many pots of coffee, took pictures and even slept a little. We drank coffee in our jammies until noon and tried to reduce anything that even looked like work to slow-motion. If ever four women needed to slow down, these did. They all work hard and are caregivers on and off the job ... and they need the boost that only sisters (and hopefully moms) can give. At times, it sounds like group therapy! So for four days we stepped backward out of our current lives to the times when we were all growing up together. I can't tell you how wonderful it was. Now I am enjoying all of the sweet memories.

We also had wonderful food. The girls took turns cooking. Cathy brought our favorite salt potatoes from New York to go with her Chicken Cutlets with Artichoke Sauce over Pasta and other goodies. She put a whole stick of melted butter over the potatoes! Groan. Sarah brought delicious melons and fresh fruits, macaroons and chocolate cookies and many bags of organic coffee beans from Whole Foods where she works. Vicki always fills my pantry and freezer, and she also brought goodies from Panera, bagels and toppings and pizza from the local pizzeria, and her sister's favorite Ballreichs potato chips from the old hometown.

There's a poultry house there, too, where she gets shredded chicken for sandwiches. It's like going "home" again.

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