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Edna Shaffer: Grandma's Kitchen

April 29, 2008

Grandma's Kitchen: A meatloaf worth doubling

I have a very unwelcome harbinger of spring again this year. My crazy robin is back.

He is slamming into my tall glass bedroom door from daylight 'til dark. I have come to believe that birds do not feel pain! There's all kinds of gunk on the glass and droppings on the pergola floor but he perseveres. I hung a sheet over the door, now he's body-slamming the windows. I guess I wait for him to kill himself.


Daughter Sarah and her family got here for Easter. It was lots of fun and livened up the old homestead briefly. They brought me a beautiful sugar-free Easter basket filled with candies I've never seen in the store. They even had the little yellow marshmallow Peeps, and all the things that children get, only sugar-free. That is so great that now the diabetic children can have the same things their siblings get, not some waxy chocolate that tastes like Ex-lax. They also tucked in a wonderful bar of lavender soap which my tiny great-granddaughter Sissy sampled with her shiny new teeth! She thought one bite was plenty. She is so much fun.


Thank you for your e-mails and questions about the plastics in April's column. I should explain that the reason it was hard to follow is that a connecting paragraph was inadvertently omitted.

That column was explaining why the United Methodist Church is boycotting the Nestle Corp.'s (a Swiss company) bottled water industry in Mecosta County that leads to the production of the plastic bottles, along with serious environmental damage to the water table there. They extract 720,000 gallons of water daily, causing the surface water to drop by two inches. The wetlands have lost 75 percent of open water and Osprey and Thompson lakes have dropped by six inches.

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