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Edna Shaffer: Grandma's Kitchen

March 3, 2008

Grandma's Kitchen: Supper better with good news

Our family uses the words "dinner" and "supper" interchangeably. I grew up where we had supper in the evening. It was a much smaller meal than dinner, which was always at midday.

One night last week our family was making small talk around the supper table, when out of the blue our lives changed forever. Our granddaughter and her husband announced that they would be parents this fall. Faces froze. Forks full of stirfry stopped in mid-air.

Then the yelling, laughing, crying and hugging started. What a celebration! With every new little one, our hearts grow a size larger, they bring something new to all of our lives that was missing, but we weren't aware of. This is great-grandbaby No. 19 and counting. I can't give you the parents' names because I'm sure that not all of their friends have heard yet, so maybe next month.


In two months I'll begin my sixth year writing for the Record-Eagle. I started with the hope that somehow I could encourage our older readers to eat healthier. I'm in that age group and know there's a fine line when cooking goes from a joy to a burdensome chore. The aim was to provide easier recipes with fewer ingredients, believing that less is more.

Shopping, preparation and cleanup are a big factor too, as energy and the food budget dwindle. I hope I haven't said so much about nutritional value that I've made you feel like you are eating in a test lab instead of your own comfy kitchen, or your La-Z-Boy. There's just so much more information on healthy eating, it makes sense to feed our minds and bodies so we can stay as well as possible. It's good to think globally, but to eat locally. Judging from your mail I believe I've hit the target at least most of the time. Please keep the mail coming.

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