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Edna Shaffer: Grandma's Kitchen

February 4, 2008

Grandma's Kitchen: 50-calorie snacks can satisfy

Happy Valentine's Day, President's Day and Ash Wednesday.

I've been trying to come up with a symbolic food that would cover all three of them. How about a red (Valentine's Day) cherry (Washington's Birthday) pie with a chocolate cross (Ash Wednesday) on top? Not clever, eh? Do you have a better idea? I'm waiting.

I hope you caught the error in January's column in the Spinach Egg-Drop Soup. I mentioned it being vegetarian, then failed to list the substitute vegetable broth alongside the chicken broth. My apologies -- and thanks to the reader who caught it. I depend on you folks to keep me on track.

I've had lots of correspondence on last month's story about the positive effects of organics and fish oil on Gen, the little girl from the U.P. who was thought to be autistic. Her diet change has turned her whole life around as she thrives and improves, as it has for other family members. Her mother Dana has given me permission to give out her phone number, and would love for others to experience the miracle they have.


Benzie County, listen up -- have you discovered the Benzie Bus yet? This little marvel is just zipping all over the county, making everyone's life easier. It picks me up at my door and delivers me to my destination, tote bags and all. For $1 (seniors), you can go anywhere in the county, so there's no reason to let the bad weather keep you at home. Call 325-3000 and enjoy a comfortable safe ride.


I had my first negative experience with my hybrid car last week. I thought it sounded a little different when I headed out for the bank and grocery shopping, but credited it to it being the coldest day of the year. After getting groceries, I pulled up at the bank window and shut the motor off. Big mistake. I could not get one tiny sputter, so there I sat, blocking traffic. I was punctuating my reading of the car manual by running back to the cars lined up behind me, explaining that the car was stalled. Of course my cell phone was on the table at home. Finally, with some help from the bank, my little car was towed to the garage, and one of the kind employees transferred the groceries to his truck and took me home. It was a learning experience (fuel cells are not cheap) but ended well -- as most frustrations do.

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