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Edna Shaffer: Grandma's Kitchen

September 7, 2009

Grandma's Kitchen: Over-the-sink sandwich

It's mid-August as I write this and I'm still waiting for my big juicy homegrown tomato.

I want to make my over-the-sink sandwich. That's just what it sounds like -- two slices of fresh whole wheat bread, a swipe of Hellmann's and a sliced tomato so ripe and full of juice the bread can't soak it up. With the first bite it runs down and drips off your elbows. That's summertime eating at its best.


Today was a fun day. Before I finished my morning coffee my friend Mary called and was on her way over. She arrived carrying some beautiful big blackberries so I could make my favorite pie. She knew some of my girls would be home this week; she's like an auntie to them and likes to spoil them.

I tried to talk her into lunch at The Gathering Place here in Honor, but she had another commitment. It was probably with the flower beds at our church in Lake Ann. Any unsuspecting weed that dares show his little head there has just signed its death warrant, no mercy granted.

I went alone for lunch because they were serving roast pork, which was very good.

On my way home, for reasons unknown to me, I was compelled to take a little side trip up Deadstream Road. The reason soon became apparent. On my right was a fruit stand with freshly picked peaches and apples, and farther down on my left was a vegetable stand. So I bought some peaches and corn, which was a wonderful surprise.

I'm learning not to argue with these urges and hunches that just appear out of nowhere; it's fun to see where they lead. I came home thinking about what a wonderful place to live with all this bounty at our doorstep.

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