Traverse City Record-Eagle


September 3, 2012

Animals, people team up for exciting times

Animals not only enrich our lives, they also can keep life exciting, interesting and complicated.


Cheri Michael of Traverse City was walking with her mom and her sister at the Grand Traverse County Civic Center recently when they heard a cat crying from a tree on Oak Park School property.

The women weren't able to get onto the school property and it appeared that the cat had been in the tree for quite awhile, so Cheri went to the Fire Department on East Eighth Street to see if they could help rescue the cat from the tree. Cheri was told that it would have to be cleared with the captain and lieutenant first. Shortly after Cheri got back to the civic center, she got a call that the rescue had been cleared.

"They came with a ladder truck and rescue truck and rescued the cat from about 35 feet up a tree," Cheri said. "They deserve a lot of recognition (because) no one else would help."

The small female cat has found a good home with Cheri, who also has two rescued male cats, who Cheri says "will just have to get used to her."


Mrs. Gerald Robinson of Traverse City wrote to relate what happened to her not too long ago when her dog, Benjie, got out by mistake. One man tried to catch him as he ran through the neighborhood, but that made the dog run toward Silver Lake Road.

"He stopped all the cars (creating) a traffic jam, but none of the cars blew their horns," Mrs. Robinson wrote. "One person (even) got out of the car to catch Benjie, but had no luck. I drove around the cars, through the light and up Brunson Road and when I came down the other side, there was a family hanging onto my dog, just waiting for his owner."

Mrs. Robinson thought she would never see Benjie again and would like to thank all the nice people in their cars for being so patient and the family who caught and held onto Benjie for her.

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