Traverse City Record-Eagle


May 30, 2009

Ed Hungness: The value of bacon grease


So my friends, do you want to get with the "green" movement but you can't afford a hybrid vehicle or a geo-thermal heating system? If you would rather not have a big windmill spinning around in your back yard or cover your roof with solar panels, there is still hope for you.

All you need to do is to start saving and utilizing your bacon grease. You will be conserving a natural resource. Cardiologists will prosper and they will buy the hybrid autos, and install geo-thermal systems thus stimulating the economy. The stock market will recover, the recession will end -- and we will owe it all to bacon grease.

Ed Hungness and his wife owned their cottage on Fife Lake for six years before moving there after his retirement in 2005. He can be reached at For more of Ed's columns, log on to

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