Traverse City Record-Eagle

March 20, 2011

Births: 03/20/2011



PLATTE — A son, Carson John, to Jeff and Bonnie (Gray) Platte of St. Clair Shores, Jan. 12.

STEPKE — A daughter, Piper, to James and Jennifer (Landis) Stepke of Brighton, March 3 at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing. Mr. Stepke is a former Traverse City resident.


FRIS — A son, Timbre Orion, to Dan Fris and Maria Bangs of Traverse City, Jan. 21.


HOLSTON — A son, Jackson, to Mark and Leah (Cox) Holston of Kalkaska, Dec. 15.

GRUBER — A daughter, Greta, to Rick and Cara (Champion) Gruber of Traverse City, Dec. 30.

RICE — A daughter, Ana, to Christopher "Chip" and Shannon (Schopieray) Rice of Traverse City, Feb. 15.

SWEET-BARTLETT — A daughter, Snow Bunny, to Kyle Royce Bartlett and Priscilla Joy Sweet of Cross Village Twp., Feb. 14.

NEWELL — A daughter, Madalyn, to Nicholas and Kristi (Robbins) Newell of Fife Lake, Feb. 18.

MURPHY — A son, Patrick, to Terrance and Jodi (Kramer) Murphy of Kingsley, Feb. 21.

FEWINS — A daughter, Allison, to Jason and Heather (Kastenschmidt) Fewins of Traverse City, Feb. 23.

HENIGAN — A daughter, Izzabella Malyn, to Paul and Ashleigh (Coyne) Henigan of Traverse City, March 2.

LeBLANC — A son, Grady Russell, to Breland and Kim (Elmhirst) LeBlanc of Maple City, March 2.