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Great Lakes Thirsty City

This photo taken Sept. 13, 2013, shows Hobo Spring, located in a park in Waukesha, Wis. It was among many springs in Waukesha, which once was famous for its mineral-rich waters, but the city is now seeking permission to draw from Lake Michigan to meet its needs. The aquifer that has provided most of Waukesha's drinking water for the last century has dropped so far that what's left has unhealthy levels of radium and salt. The city would like to draw from the Great Lakes, but the states with rights to it have always guarded them jealously and aren't in a generous mood after more than a decade of abnormally low levels. Their permission is required to tap in from outside the watershed, and approval for Waukesha _ which lies barely on the wrong side of the line _ is far from certain. (AP Photo/John Flesher)