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Election 2012

August 8, 2012

Leelanau County primary election results

Editor's note: Final unofficial results from all county and township races in Leelanau County.

Road Commission (pick one):

William E. Calhoun, (R): 1,097

Robert Joyce, (R): 1,613

Glen Noonan, (R): 2,144

County clerk:

Michelle L. Crocker, (R): 4,106

Drain commissioner:

Steven R. Christensen, (R): 2,963

John Joseph Richards, (R): 1,353

Prosecuting attorney:

Joseph T. Hubbell, (R): 3,203

Sara W. Brubaker, (R): 1,967

Register of deeds:

Dorothy M. Miller, (R): 3,965


Del Moore, (R): 2,201

Mike Borkovich, (R): 2,956

Mark Walter, (R): 277

County treasurer:

John A. Gallagher III, (R): 2,597

Chelly M. Roush, (R): 2,423

County commission District 1:

Stan Kouchnerkavich, (R): 288

Jean I. Watkoski, (R): 343

District 2:

Debra L. Rushton, (R): 378

James A. Schaub Sr., (R): 300

District 3: William J. Bunek, (R): 722

District 4: Tom Van Pelt, (R): 591

District 5:

Karen Zemaitis, (R): 534

Patricia Soutas-Little, (D): 152

District 6:

Clayton Ball, (R): 109

Robert Hawley, (R): 313

Bill Irwin, (R): 125

Karen Paulus, (R): 101

Carolyn Rentenbach, (D): 289

District 7: Melinda C. Lautner, (R): 417

County Road Commission renewal of 0.5 mills.

Yes: 4,441

No: 1,315

Bingham Township

Supervisor: Amanda Kohler Republican; Marian Werner, Republican.

Clerk: Peggy Core, Democrat.

Treasurer: Sandra Grant, Republican.

Trustee (two positions): Mary K. Bush, Republican; Gary McGhee, Republican.

Suttons Bay and Bingham Fire Authority: Requests renewal of 2.3 mills for three years to fund fire, rescue, and ambulance service in the two townships. The joint levy would raise an estimated $894,909 the first year.

Centerville Township

Supervisor: Leonard Kelenski, Democrat.

Clerk: David D. Wurm, Democrat.

Treasurer: Katrina M. Pleva, Democrat.

Trustee (two positions): Fred L. Peplinski, Democrat; Ronald Schaub, Democrat; James Schwantes, Democrat; George Wellman, Democrat.

Centerville Township: Requests a levy of 0.75 mills for two years to fund fire and ambulance service. The millage would raise an estimated $69,180 the first year.

Cleveland Township

Supervisor: Tim Stein, Republican.

Clerk: Jan Nowak, Democrat.

Treasurer: Taryn Daniels, Republican.

Trustee (two positions): Dan Klimaszewski, Democrat; Walter W. Daniels, Republican; William Olsen, Republican.

Charter Township of Elmwood

Supervisor: Jack Kelly, Republican.

Clerk: Connie M. Preston, Republican.

Treasurer: Debbie S. Street, Republican.

Trustee (four positions): Mary Catherine Barrows, Republican; David Darga, Republican; Terry K. Lautner, Republican; Kyle Trevas, Republican; Donald K. Gallagher, Democrat.

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