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Election 2012

August 8, 2012

Antrim County primary election results

Editor's note: Final unofficial results from county and township races in Antrim County.

County clerk

Sheryl A. Guy (R): 3449

Drain commissioner

Mark T. Stone (R): 1968

Bill Truscott (R): 1569


Scott Papineau (R): 3237

Prosecuting attorney

Charles Koop (R): 3399

Register of deeds

Brett Baldwin (R): 1776

Patty Niepoth (R): 2399


Daniel S. Bean (R): 3691

County treasurer

Sherry A. Comben (R): 3404

County commission

District 1

Jerroll J. Drenth (R): 447

District 2

Eugene D. Dawson (R): 434

District 3

Karen Bargy (R): 479

District 4

Ed Boettcher (R): 446

District 5

David Howelman (R): 471

District 6

Brenda Ricksgers (R): 246

Michael Crawford (R): 275

Jim Gurr (R): 82

District 7

Laura K. Stanek (D): 85

Wally Shattuck (R): 211

District 8

Bernard Blackmore (R): 144

District 9

Mike Hayes (D): 46

Christian Marcus (R): 212

County-wide ballot proposals:

Renew county tax limitation of 5.4 mills for the county, 1 mill for the townships, and 0.27 mills for intermediate school districts for four years.

Yes: 3175

No: 1346

Renew Commission on Aging millage of 0.4 mills for four years. The levy would raise an estimated $670,000 its first year.

Yes: 3462

No: 1119

Banks Township


Thomas P. Mann (R): 273


Donna L. Heeres (R): 278


Katherine R. Postmus (R): 280

Trustee (two positions)

Sheila Vander Ark-Dhillon (R): 66

Mark E. DeKorne (R): 109

Marvin Rubingh (R): 132

Tom L. Cooper (R): 140

David Rasmussen (R): 140

Renewal of 1 mill for two years to fund road construction and maintenance.

Yes: 230

No: 90

Central Lake Township


Stanley A. Bean (R): 319


Judy Kosloski (R): 222

Mary Ellen Hart (R): 173


Heather Eckhardt (R): 324

Trustee (two positions)

William Gadwau (R): 273

Robert Mullens (R): 189

Walter Ransom (R): 107

Mark Byard (R): 155

Chestonia Township


Robert Beckner (R): 41

Triston Cole (R): 40

Roy A. Wicht (R): 11


Twilla L. Coon (R): 72


Jacqueline Bates (R): 75

Trustee (two positions)

David Francis (R): 61

Wendy Hummel (R): 59

Custer Township


Robert Ricksgers (R): 98

Roxann Flake (R):136


Stacy Simon (D): 24


Renee Elder (R): 205

Trustee (two positions)

Jerry D. Allen (D): 26

David P. Allen (R): 156

Gina Fox (R): 110

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