Traverse City Record-Eagle

October 31, 2010

Nov. 2 election roundup


— Northern Michigan voters will decide numerous local office races, millages requests and other proposal in the Nov. 2 election. Here’s a breakdown of local ballot issues and races in the five-county area. Only contested races are included. Write-in candidates are not listed.

Links to the Record-Eagle's continuing coverage will be added as stories are published. Endorsements are planned to appear in the paper starting Oct. 23.

R - Republican

D - Democrat

GRN - Green Party

UTP - U.S. Taxpayers

L - Libertarian

NL - Natural Law

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Rick Snyder (R)

Virg Bernero (D)

Secretary of State

Ruth Johnson (R)

Jocelyn Michelle Benson (D)

Attorney General

Bill Schuette (R)

David Leyton (D)

U.S. Congress, 1st District

Dan Benishek (R)

Gary McDowell (D)

Ellis Boal (GRN)

Patrick Lambert (UST)

Keith Andrew Shelton (L)

Glenn A. Wilson (No party)

U.S. Congress, 2nd District

Bill Huizenga (R)

Fred Johnson (D)

Lloyd Clarke (GRN)

Ronald E. Graeser (UST)

Joseph Gillotte (L)

U.S. Congress, 4th District

Dave Camp (R)

Jerry Campbell (D)

Michigan Senate, 35th District

Darwin L. Booher (R)

Roger Dunigan (D)

Michigan Senate, 37th District

Howard Walker (R)

Bob Carr (D)

Michigan House of Representatives, 101st District

Ray Franz (R)

Dan Scripps (D)

Michigan House of Representatives, 104th District

Wayne A. Schmidt (R)

John Scrudato (D)

Megan Crandall (No Party)

Michigan House of Representatives, 105th District

Greg MacMaster (R)

Greg A. Dean (D)

State Board of Education (vote for 2)

Karen Adams (UST)

Elizabeth W. Bauer (D)

Dick Gach (L)

Bill Hall (L)

Stacy Kohmescher (NL)

Ronald Monroe (UST)

Lupe Ramos-Montigny (D)

Latham Redding (GRN)

Eileen Weiser (R)

Mary T. Wood (GRN)

Richard Zeile (R)

Justice of the Supreme Court (vote for 2)

Alton Thomas Davis

Mary Beth Kelly

Denise Langford Morris

Bob Roddis

Bob Young


Proposal 10-1: Proposal to convene a constitutional convention for the purpose of drafting a general revision of the state constitution.

Proposal 10-2: Proposal to amend the state constitution to prohibit certain felons from holding elective office and specified types of public employment positions.


86th District Court Judge (Non-partisan)

Kevin Elsenheimer

Mike Stepka



County Commission District 9:

Brenda Ricksgers (R)

Mike Hayes (D)

Tom McCorry (no party affiliation)

County Commission District 3:

Karen Bargy (R)

Kathleen Peterson (D)

911 surcharge: $2.91 per month surcharge to support 911 services.

Banks Township:

Charlevoix Public Schools Special twoyear term (vote for 1)

Nancy K. Allison

Bob Bergmann

Margie Tamminga

Central Lake Village president

Lawrence L. Eckhardt

Walter Russell

Central Lake Village trustee (vote for 3)

Denise K. Batterbee

Joe Bodley

Judith Kosloski

Ken Kruse

Brian Eric Patton

Elk Rapids Township:

Elk Rapids village trustee (vote for 3)

Larry Ball

Janet Bassett

Dan LeBlond

M. Charles Schuler

Township hall millage: 0.2 mills for three years for operation of historic township hall

Helena Township:

Township clerk (vote for 1)

David Peterson (D)

Ferol D. Skaggs (no party affiliation)

Jordan Township:

Road millage: 1mill for two years for roads.

Mancelona Township:

Village president (vote for 1)

Kathryn Patrick Altrock

Eugene Kerr


County Commission

District 2

— Mary J. Pitcher (R)

— Roland N. Halliday (no party affiliation)

District 3

— Roger Griner (R)

— Marcia Stobie (D)

District 6

— Tom Kelley (R)

— Roger C. Hubbell (no party affiliation)

Medical care operation millage: 0.3650mill increase for a period of five years

Mecical care capital improvement millage: 0.6350mill increase for a period of twenty years

Benzie Central Schools board (vote for 2)

Pam Schneider

Gwen Van Dorp

Mark Weaver

Village of Elberta president

Kenneth Holmes

Reggie Manville

Village of Elberta clerk

Sharyn Bower

Marsha Stefoff

Village of Elberta trustee (vote for 3)

Charles E. Hendershott

Diane V. Jenks

Connie Manke

Linda C. Manville

Bonnie Ness

William A. Soper

Kelli Stapleton

Matthew Stapleton

Village of Elberta trustee partial term (vote for 1)

Sylvester Lee

Ross Thorsen


County Commission

District 1:

— Jason Gillman (R)

— Bernol Soutar (D)

District 5:

— Ross Richardson (D)

— Ralph Soffredine (R)

District 7:

— Tom Mair (GRN)

— Christine Maxbauer (R)

Road millage proposal: 1 mill for four years to repair and improve existing roads

Senior center proposal: 0.1 mills for six years for operation of senior centers

Fife Lake Township

Operating millage proposal: 0.2 mill increase for two years to fund township operations

Kingsley School Board (full-term)

Jason Gauthier

Kelly Stiner

Kingsley School operating millage: Renewal of 18 mills for school operations on property without a homestead or farmland exemption

Northwestern Michigan College Trustee (vote for two):

Bob Brick

Bruce L. Byl

Cheryl Gore Follette

Kennard R. Weaver

Peninsula Township Police proposal: 0.2 mills for four years for police protection

Traverse City School Board (vote for two):

Jennifer Schell Bonifacio

Erik Falconer

Cynthia Glines

Scott Hardy

Mary Marois

Mary Jo McKay

Traverse City Proposal 1: Amend city charter to give city commission exclusive jurisdiction over Traverse City Light & Power and convert the Light & Power board to an advisory body

Traverse City Proposal 2: Amend city charter to subject any decision to build or acquire a power generation facility to voter referendum


County Commission

District 2

—Stu McKinnon (R)

—Fred Vonalt (D)

District 4

—David Ritter (R)

—Alan McCullen (D)

Blue Lake Township road millage: 1.2 mills for 8 years for highway improvements

Village of Kalkaska


Jeff Sieting

Virginia A. Thomas

Trustee (vote for 3)

Lyle R. Blanksvard

Harold Eickholt

Robert E. Hall

David L. Heymes



Leelanau County probate judge:

Marian F. Kromkowski

Larry J. Nelson

County Commission

District 3:

— Jason Harrall (D)

— Richard A. Schmuckal (R)

District 5:

— David Shiflett (R)

— Karen Zemaitis (no party affiliation)

District 6:

— David G. Marshall (D)

— Karen Paulus (R)

District 7:

— Karl William Dungjen (D)

— Melinda C. Lautner (R)

Solid waste and recycling proposal: $29 per household per year for 10 years to cover solid waste reduction and recycling programs

Village of Northport


Michael F. Rogers Sr.

Frederick Steffens II


Joni L. Scott

Laura A. Weiss

Trustee (vote for three)

Richard H. Burmeister

Donna Groomes

Chris D. Holton

Phillip Mikesell

Steven R. Mattson

Frederick H. Thomas

Jim Watson

Elmwood Township Fire millage: Renewal of 0.78 mills for three years to cover fire department operations and equipment

Leland Township Fire are rescue millage: 0.25 mill increase through 2011 to cover emergency medical services and fire department equipment

Leland Public Schools Operating millage: Renewal of 10.9013 mills for 2011 to cover operational expenses

Suttons Bay Township Park millage: 0.25 mills for 3 years to cover maintenance and construction within Herman Park

Suttons Bay Public Schools Bonding proposal: Keep current millage until May 2016, but funding will be used on other school projects, including technology and renovation