Traverse City Record-Eagle

October 15, 2010

Letters at Issue: Elections: 10/15/2010


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No oversight

It's unreasonable to give non-elected people tax dollars with no oversight and no accountability required, thereby leaving the taxpayer with no recourse. I am referring to the Grand Traverse Road Commission millage request. The accumulated amount would be $18 million. Based on the commission's past history, wouldn't elected people better serve residents?

If your township public roads need attention maybe some maintenance could be done. Except for Peninsula Township.

All 58 named subdivision public roads have been denied help. A special assessment district would be necessary, an extra cost.

What happened to the legal requirement for maintenance (MCL 247.662 [18])?

Alan Gray

Traverse City

Good enough for me

I've been reading the letters about the judge race. So Stepka has been in District Court about twice as often as Elsenheimer, but Elsenheimer has done seven times the trials. Sounds like they're both experienced. I think John Foresman has been a great judge and prosecutor through the years, and if he thinks Elsenheimer should replace him, that's good enough for me. I'm for Elsenheimer.

Shirley Deniston


Thousands of cases

I have known Marian Kromkowski for more than 20 years; I respect and admire her.

As a pioneer domestic relations mediator, Marian is dedicated to finding equitable ends to conflict.

As an advocate for peace and justice, she has demonstrated a belief that no person or group deserves any more or any less justice than another.

She has experience: She has heard thousands of cases as a judicial officer. As an attorney, she has represented clients in the types of cases decided by a probate judge.

Marian is uniquely qualified. I support Marian Kromkowski for Leelanau County probate judge.

Robert Chapman

Suttons Bay

No friend of cancer care

Last October, Dan Scripps voted for House Bill 5386, which would have devastated cancer care in Michigan.

This bill imposed a 3 percent tax on gross receipts of physicians. We oncologists currently purchase the chemotherapy, then bill the patients' insurers for the cost. Federal law prevents us from profiting from the drugs. These revenues make up 80 percent of our receipts.

If 5386 had become law, we would have been unable to procure drugs for our patients.

Mr. Scripps has proven he is not a friend of cancer care. We urge you not to vote for Dan Scripps Nov. 2.

Richard P. Kosinski, M.D., et. al. at Traverse Area Hematology Oncology, P.C.

Traverse City

Honesty and integrity

It has been my privilege over 40 years of practicing law to appear before many judges and in many courts of this state. From these experiences I have concluded that the qualities that a good judge must possess are: legal competence; decisiveness; honesty and integrity; and a sense of fairness and respect for all.

Wisdom is the combination of all of these qualities and more. The sum is greater than the parts. Larry Nelson has these qualities and would be a worthy successor to the late Hon. Joseph Deegan.

I am supporting Larry Nelson for Leelanau County probate judge.

Dona Scott Laskey


Common sense, balance

Traverse City faces many opportunities and challenges. Ralph Soffredine understands the county's economic and social role in the region balanced with the high quality of life we've come to enjoy.

I have known Ralph for many years, and he has the broad perspective needed to guide the county. He has served as a board member of countless organizations, volunteered his time, and knows the success of the county is not due to just downtown, the neighborhoods, or any one business, but all of them working together.

Please elect Ralph Soffredine as a county commissioner of common sense and balance.

Thomas Schmidt

Traverse City

A proud Democrat

Democrats brought you Social Security, Medicare, health care, civil rights, veterans benefits, unemployment compensation, workman's compensation, middle-class growth, women's rights, environmental safety regulations, workplace safety regulations, consumer protections, minimum wage, ending the Iraq war, improved international relations, renewable energy technology, positive job growth, financial regulations, college and small-business loans.

Republicans plan cuts to the above. Republicans brought you the Iraq war, Afghanistan war, Abu Ghraib, multi-millionaire tax cuts, negative job growth, financial market collapse, Katrina debacle, Tea Party, campaign attack ads, domestic surveillance, Chinese credit card, party of "no," plus religious and racial intolerance.

I'm a proud Democrat!

Beverly Christensen


Patient, open-minded

Integrity, knowledge, compassion, ethical, patient, open minded, experienced, reputable ... all reasons why we encourage you to cast your vote for Larry J. Nelson, probate judge, Leelanau County, on Nov. 2.

Larry and Jan Esch

Lake Leelanau

Voters sent a message

As I watched the Snyder for governor ads that Gateway was gone, the cow print ads, boasting about American-made for Americans, these American jobs were gone. Mr. Snyder wasn't paying attention during the last gubernatorial cycle; let me remind him of something. The leadership of a large and very famous Grand Rapids company moved some business to China, doing away with Michigan jobs. Michigan voters sent him a message. You don't support Michigan, we can't support you, when you want to play politics with your millions.

Go run for premier of Taiwan; we don't need your kill-Michigan's-economy ideas.

Roger L. Adkins

Traverse City

A nonpartisan race

Pointing out an accurate public record of Rep. Kevin Elsenheimer's 88 cases as a private attorney in District Court to Mike Stepka's 2,200 is not dirty politics. Making false robo calls clearly is. These robo calls state the Democratic Party endorses Stepka. It does not. Rightfully so. This is a nonpartisan race. Shame on politician Elsenheimer for false information and trying to turn this into partisan politics.

Mike Stepka is involved in the Women's Resource Center, TART Trail, Third Level, Legal Aid, etc. Mike is endorsed by the Grand Traverse Deputy Sheriff's Association and the Police Officers Association of Michigan.

David E Hoard

Traverse City