Traverse City Record-Eagle

October 10, 2010

Letters at Issue: Elections: 10/10/2010


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Why we should care

A jury awards $50 million against a coal company. Why should we care? After the verdict the CEO of the coal company gives $3 million in campaign contributions to a Supreme Court candidate. He wins. He casts the deciding vote in overturning the verdict. The case goes to the U.S. Supreme Court on the issue of whether the judge should have taken himself off of the case.

Justice Robert Young of the Michigan Supreme Court formally supported the position of the coal company in the U.S. Supreme Court case. Young is running for re-election. That is why we should care.

Bob Garvey


Radicalized Republicans?

Why didn't Ms. Osborne simplify her comments in her Sept. 30 letter by stating tea party members are just radicalized Republicans (state sovereignty, Second Amendment remedies, etc.)?

She then proceeds to quote Jefferson to suggest a "dissolution" movement against a democratically elected government might be in order. I am sure she agrees with Sharon Angle, the tea party candidate for the Nevada senate seat, that Second Amendment remedies might be an answer to the present government.

Another treasonous rebellion in mind? We experienced that terrible conflict once before. You lost.

Bruce Tobin

Traverse City

Strong sense of justice

We are writing this letter to encourage all residents of Leelanau County to cast their vote Nov. 2 for Larry J. Nelson. Larry will serve our county well. He is very interested in the well being of all our families. Larry has a very strong sense of justice and is completely fair and unbiased. He has lived in Leelanau county almost his entire life and is very active in the community. We believe he will be a tremendous asset to our judicial system.

Again, please vote for Larry Nov. 2.

Tracy and Paul Scott


Bad amendments

My political science professor taught that constitutional (city charter) articles should not include operating decisions. The city charter should contain rules for decision making and broad goals — not details.

The present charter worked well during the recent biomass uproar. The matter was correctly settled by Light & Power's board (which includes two elected city commissioners).

My energy bills have been lower from TCL&P than from either of the other available suppliers. Do not restrict the managerial decision process by two bad charter amendments. They are intrusive government and expensive. Keep single-interest groups out of the operation of our successful TCL&P.

Adam J. Gahn

Traverse City

Court experience

Mike Stepka is the candidate for judge with the District Court experience. Please visit Mike's web site to review his credentials.

Mike has served in the area courts for 20 years, and as judge will continue his service locally. He is committed to our community.

Vote Mike Stepka for 86th District Court Judge on Nov. 2.

Bonny Wares

Traverse City

Fair and unbiased

I am a mediator and investigator for Wexford and Missaukee Friend of the Court Office. I have worked with Marian Kromkowski since 1999. Marian is a remarkable person and an outstanding domestic relations referee. On the bench she is fair and unbiased and follows the law when making tough decisions regarding custody, parenting time and support.

Even though her work is stressful and time pressures exist, she is respectful of all in our office and never fails to take time to answer our questions, discuss and provide constructive suggestions to our concerns.

She will make an excellent Leelanau Probate Judge.

Jeryl Kanouse


Proactive, positive

Are you tired of the Republican "robo" calls? Do the negative mailings of the Michigan GOP turn you off? Does the Tea Party need to "wake up" to the fact that Michigan needs solutions, not obstructions to legislation?

Dan Scripps is a proven, energetic leader in the Michigan House. He has made tough decisions, and compromised where necessary to get the job done. Negative ads, misleading statements and fabrications by his opponent are out of touch with reality.

For a more proactive, positive candidate, re-elect Dan Scripps to represent Benzie, Leelanau, Manistee and Mason counties.

Richard Robb


Dignity and respect

We are retirees and have lived in Northport for the last 22 years. We've known Marian Kromkowski as a neighbor for the past five years. In addition to her extensive experience in family law, Marian has also been active in the peace and human rights community. We have observed the dignity and respect that she gives to all people.

Marian Kromkowski will bring this commitment to her responsibilities as Leelanau Probate Judge. She has our votes and, we hope, yours as well.

Jone and Basil Antenucci


Claims are false

Evidently, Ray Franz thinks if you can't win on your own merits, lie about your opponent.

In a barrage of dishonest advertising, he makes untrue claims about public trust legislation introduced by State Rep. Dan Scripps.

As former Republican Gov. Bill Milliken said, "Very simply, these claims are false." Scripps' legislation will not take away your property rights, nor give any governing body the right to tax your groundwater use. It strengthens rights for residents, farmers, and property owners.

For further explanation, facts, and answers to questions, log onto

Will and Joan Wolfe


Walks the talk

I have been a resident of northern Michigan since 1987, and am the founder and executive director of Wings of Wonder. I have known Marian Kromkowski since 1992, when our young children attended the same dance studio. Marian and I would oftentimes find ourselves sitting in an empty dance room doing some last-minute costume stitchery prior to a dance performance.

I have continued to be greatly inspired by Marian's strong sense of purpose, family values, honesty and integrity. She is a woman of her word and truly walks the talk!

Vote for Marian Kromkowski for Leelanau Probate judge.

Rebecca Lessard