Traverse City Record-Eagle

October 9, 2010

Letters at Issue: Elections: 10/09/2010

The bums' rush

Last week I received a Michigan Republican Party political ad accusing Dan Scripps of wasting $862 billion in taxes; creating trillions in debt; and voting for the federal stimulus package.

We all know that our state Legislature does not vote on national legislation nor does it spend all 50 states' federal money. When Republicans can't find something that is true to campaign on they just fabricate stories and send to everybody. They seem willing to go to any extreme, try every misleading trick to get elected.

Let's give them the bums' rush out of our government, state and federal.

Ken Hurlin

Glen Arbor

Caring, fair-minded

We wholeheartedly support Larry J. Nelson for Probate Judge for Leelanau County. We have known Larry both personally and professionally for more than 20 years. He is conscientious, caring, fair-minded and respectful, and will represent Leelanau County's citizens with integrity and strength.

Please join us in voting for Larry Nelson for Probate Judge.

Bob & Sue Olenzak


Nothing in return

My electric utility has delivered exactly what they are supposed to; the cheapest power you can get, and they have awesome dependability. Please be alarmed when Proposal 1 could change all that for nothing in return but political gain and fame for its author. Don't let these politics ruin our utility!

Corey Schichtel


The writer works for Traverse City Light & Power.

Intelligent and effective

Dan Scripps has my vote because he is an honest, intelligent, effective representative who has worked diligently for the people in his district. In addition, Dan Scripps protects our rights. Contrary to his opponent's recent fact-distorting robo-calls, Scripps' water bill makes it even more difficult for mega corporations like Nestle to drain a common aquifer from under unsuspecting neighbors. His opponent's bogus water claims have been called what they are — false by independent fact-checking groups.

Dan Scripps has integrity and will fight hard for your interests in Lansing.

Vote to retain Dan Scripps as our representative.

Celeste Crouch

Glen Arbor

The party of 'yes'

Its time to say no to the party of "No" and yes to the party of "Yes we can."

This Nov. 2 the choices couldn't be clearer. Vote for the candidates of the party that says yes, we can protect Social Security and yes, we can protect Medicare, and yes, we can keep health care reform. That party is the Democratic party.

Vote for Jerry Campbell for U.S. House of Representatives, Dan Scripps for the Michigan House and Roger Dunigan for the Michigan Senate, as well as the rest of the Democratic Party candidates on the Nov. 2 ballot.

Charles N Godbout


Stable legal climate

If Michigan is going to get its economy moving again, one of the key factors is a stable legal climate. We need to keep conservative judges like Justice Bob Young and Mary Beth Kelly on the Court who are tough conservative, rule-of-law judges who uphold the law as it was written, and do not legislate from the bench.

This year's Supreme Court election is extremely important to all Michigan citizens. This November I will cast my vote for Justice Bob Young and Mary Beth Kelly. I encourage you to do the same.

Remember: Young, Kelly.

Marie Kirt


Not shying from record

I usually don't write letters, but Mark Risk's Oct. 3 letter for Mike Stepka got me going. Kevin Elsenheimer is trying to hide his legislative career? Really? His website talks about his accomplishments: rated the most effective Republican in the Michigan House, the highest-rated leader in Lansing, author of 20 laws, named a Rodel Fellow for bipartisanship, Legislator of the Year for the Chiefs of Police, Police Officer's Association and Deputy Sheriff's Association.

Boy, Mark, you're right, that's a record to shy away from.

By the way, thanks Kevin for keeping your campaign positive.

Tom Lodge


Knows the district

How do you pick a judge? Why should it matter?

I researched the community involvement of the candidates for the 86th district court. Hands down, Mike Stepka has spent the most time giving lawyers a good name. Twenty years of helping the people of this area, both in court and out, speaks volumes for me. He knows this district and he knows us.

An extensive case load in both district and circuit court, pro-bono award and proven commitment to our community show there is no better choice then Mike Stepka for the 86th District court.

Vote for Mike.

Ron Hardin


The writer is an Acme Township Trustee and planning commissioner; his wife is a co-campaign manager for the Stepka campaign.

Exceptional energy

Both candidates for Leelanau County Probate Judge are reputable, competent and highly experienced attorneys. One stands out as bringing exceptional energy and leadership skills to the job.

The judge must provide leadership and be proactive in building effective relationships with police, probation, guardians and treatment professionals to assure that the vulnerable and the public are protected. This takes organizational skills of the highest order.

From the perspective of my 24 years as district judge in Leelanau County, I recommend Marian Kromkowski's leadership for a court seat left vacant since the untimely passing of my good friend Judge Joe Deegan.

James R. McCormick

Traverse City

The writer is a retired 86th District Judge.

Does have experience

As a former magistrate in the 86th District Court, I read with interest the report that Kevin Elsenheimer had 44 cases in the District Court. That figure didn't ring true to me. I was provided with the following statistics that came from the 86th District Court Administration and the Antrim County Prosecutor's office. Kevin Elsenheimer's Antrim District Court casework is as follows: cases: 826; jury trials/non-jury trials: 35; motion hearings: 141.

Kevin Elsenheimer does have district court experience. I worked with Kevin and know he has the judicial temperament needed to be District Judge.

Cameron "Cam" Lacy